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Pinnacle Scientific Industries

Laboratory Glassware

Pinnacle Scientific Industries is one of the prominent Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of quality standard Laboratory Glassware. Our wide range of Laboratory Glassware includes Laboratory Beakers, Laboratory Burettes, Laboratory Measuring Cylinders, Laboratory Flasks, Laboratory Funnels, Laboratory Viscometers, Laboratory Condensers, Laboratory Petri Dish and Laboratory Pipettes. We are also well known Exporter and Supplier of Laboratory Plasticware. With our quality assurance team and R&D department, our constant endeavor is to provide enhanced and best products to our customers. Product distinction is attained by the implementation of firm quality standards and scrupulous quality control. The outcome is a quality aware culture dedicated to entire customer satisfaction.

We are manufacturing more products like Various type of Bottles, Sintered Glassware, Chromatography Columns, Dessicators, Water Distillations, Extraction Apparatus, Moisture/Essential Oil/Nitrogen Determination Apparatus, Stopcocks, Thermometers, Petroleum Testing Apparatus, Standard Joints and Adapters, Still/Splash Head & Interchangeable Ground Joint Assemblies.

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